Morena of Kinder’s Royal Rott 

( Imported from Macedonia )


Sire: Zepp Buoso da Dovara
Lima of Kinder’s Royal Rott
DOB: 01-07-2016

  • OFA Hips- Excellent
  • OFA Elbows- Normal
  • OFA Cardiac- Normal
  • OFA Eyes – Normal
  • OFA Patella – Normal
  • OFA Dentition- Full
  • OFA JLPP- Clear
  • CHIC


Achievements:    Morena is a super sweet girl with a medium drive.  She is ball crazy and will chase it all day long if allowed.  She loves to cuddle and loves to be touching you and in your lap as much as possible.  She is an excellent momma.


Pedigree of ” Morena of Kinder’s Royal Rott “

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Zepp Buoso da Dovara
  • Zepp Buoso da Dovara (ROW)
  • 19.08.2010

  • ENCI LOI 10174

  • IPO 1

  • HD frei ED frei(LOF) HD frei ED +/- ( ADRK)

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