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  1. Beautiful puppies. Glad to see someone in Southern Indiana with Rotties now. I know where I will get my next one to add to the family.

  2. Awesome breeder with a ton of knowledge about the breed. Website looks awesome !!

  3. We will be looking for a female pup this summer! So glad to see you are in Southern Indiana –

  4. Love your dogs. I’ve been on waiting list for about 8 months. Can’t wait to get my puppies. Looking forward to coming down and seeing all you fur babies

  5. Your dogs are gorgeous , my nephew told me about you all and I send a friend request . His name is Larry Chris Johnson . I had a Rotty and had him trained , the next thing to train him for was to eat from any one except me or my husband or daughter . We moved to where we live now and apparently the neighbors didn’t like him and one night I went out to play with him and feed him and he was fine the next morning I went yo feed him and he was laying there and it looked like saw dust in his mouth . The vet said he had been poisoned , so from then on I told all my neighbors I better not catch a dog or cat in my yard that was theirs . It broke my heart when I saw him . I couldn’t eat or sleep fior months and I never got another dog . I get real attached to animals ! I love them . My Rotty stayed in the house at night when my husband was working on night shift and when he came home if the morning he wouldn’t let him in the house until I told him it was daddy . He was very protective and very smart . My husband passed away on February 24 2019 and I’ve been thinking about getting another one t keep in the house and I have a 5 ft wrought iron fence around my house so he couldn’t ge out if he was outside . I have security also , but it would be nice t have the company of another Rotty .

  6. You have some beautiful rotties. I had them a long time ago and couldn’t find any that where nice. I have DDBs now. If I would have found you I would still have them. Nice dogs!!!

  7. Beautiful and healthy rotts. Charlee our female from bodacious and Delana is such a good smart beauty.

  8. Beautiful, smart, loving, amazing pups from you guys! Our Ares is just so well mannered, smart and such an amazing dog with our 3 young kids (all under 8) he is also friendly but protective when meeting new people. He is from the Lotti and Bodacious liter! And we cannot wait to get maybe 1 or 2 more from you in the near future!

  9. Love your website and dogs.

    Most of all I love the passion you put into your breeding program to keep and uphold the breeds standard. It’s definitely not about the money with you it’s about the love you have for Rottweilers and it shows in your babies.

  10. There are so many things I could say about this amazing breeder like the are always looking at being the rottweilers ambassadors or that their dogs are family not money makers. That I will only purchase from them or someone they suggest as long as we have Rottweilers. We had the pleasure if getting a puppy from them and he was amazing. If you are looking for a rottweiler look no farther. The wait is so worth it.

  11. I love all your puppies, and of course Momma and the daddy’s! I hope to one day be an owner of one!💖🥰

  12. I can’t decide which I love the most Bo or Fedor. I was leaning towards Bo, but Fedor sure has beautiful off spirings😁

  13. Website is very well done, appears to be up to date and easy to navigate. Thank you!!

  14. Your website is awesome, your puppies are beautiful, i have griz his parents are bo and delana love that rottie so much.

  15. I am real excited about the up coming breeding between your Fedor and my Zeva. I hope to get a new service dog out of this breeding.

  16. Love your babies so much.. hoping to get my girl certified and breed her to one of yours . Love love love all your pictures

  17. If you are looking for a great smart healthy baby look no further. We are the proud parents of Diesel (Fedor and Diva 2020) Very informative and stays in touch. Very caring and respectful service.

  18. Great site and some excellent dogs. Very interested in more info. I’ve sent an email and FB request. Thanks

  19. While I wish I “met” you under different circumstances, I can’t thank you enough for all the help and support you provided when we first had our “little guy” King. I’m happy to let you know, we are adding to our family with a puppy from Spoon River Rotts! So excited!

  20. I have been looking at Rottweiler breeders and doing my research for a while now but the second I found this site I knew this was it. Absolutely beautiful dogs you have and I would love to have a Fedor pup in the Spring.

  21. There is not enough good thing to say about Jennifer and the exceptuonal care she gives and for to great service she provides to her families. I do mean family too! From the start our purchasing experience was the best ever. Constant communication, quick replies, constant updates. 100% complete honesty, that and I truly know and understand how much she loves all her fur babies. Once you bring one of her babies home, you by proxy are appart of her Royalhaus fmaily! Her dogs are also amazing and she knows thwm.very well and can guide you in your pairing selection and even further with ypur puppy selection if you ask. Our boy is SO amazing in both look and temperament, he is everything we wanted. He is my 3rd in my lifetime and wont be my last. I jusy hope Jennifer keeps doimg what she does, because we WILL be back for another. Much love and thanks for a wonderful experiance, care and for our beloved sweet sweet boy!!

  22. I was very fortunate to get my pup from one of Royalhaus studs chilled seman sent to ohio this breeders quality of dogs are outstanding ,Top notch breeder in my opinion. My next pup will definitely come from Royalhaus regardless of the 7 hour drive each direction.

  23. Great dogs and love the site. Sent an email a week ago and hoping to here back. Would like to be a part of an upcoming litter.

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