Let’s talk importance of Health testing in our breed !
VERY important read !

As we all know Rottweilers are more prone to certain issues, sometimes it is genetic and sometimes it is environmental.

On the genetic side of things breeders can do what is called OFA certification on dogs they use for breeding . ( Orthopedic Foundation for Animals)   This is far more than a routine vet exam.  This checks for issues that may not be symptomatic to help ensure you are not passing these conditions on to the offspring. Hip dysplasia,  Elbow dysplasia,  Cardiac issues etc.

Another test that is an absolute must on all Rottweilers that will be bred, is called a JLPP test.  This test will show if the dog is Clear,  A Carrier, or Affected.   If two Carriers are bred together this will create affected puppies who in turn will not live past 1 yr old. It is always a death sentence.  The puppy will not show symptoms of this until sometimes 12 weeks of age so it is important to make sure your breeder test for this genetic condition before buying a puppy.  Parents that are carriers will not show symptoms. JLPP has been around for a while but has been often misdiagnosed. For more info on JLPP you can visit https://www.ofa.org/diseases/dna-tested-diseases/juvenile-laryngeal-paralysis-polyneuropathy

I hope this information helps you in your search of a new family member !  Remember health certified parents help produce healthier puppies !   Most of these test are not very costly and ethical breeders will want this done to not only help their puppies live long healthy lives,  but to help ensure the puppy owners get to enjoy that puppy for many years to come !!!

When a dog is tested for the test mentioned above via OFA or equivalent  ( For imports )they will be issued a certificate and will be added to a database on the website ofa.org and can be searched by their registered name.  For imports they do not currently have a database to search but are issued certificates to show results. So make sure to ask for proof of testing !!!